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British Aikido Origins
The Video the British Aikido Board Does not Want its Members to See.
Narrated Slide Show by Henry Ellis Shihan



Applied Effective Aikido Transference Techniques


Rik `hammer` Ellis Aikido/MMA - fighting out of the "Fight Science Gym" - Fights for the UK1MMA middle weight title - 21st - July - 2012 - Venue - The awesome new Fight Science Gym Aldershot - This gym was once the Boxing HQ of the British Army.

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Fight Science Gym Aldershot.
_______________________________________ Traditional Aikido Push-Ups from the 1950s ___________________________________________

1955 - Kenshiro Abbe Sensei intoduced these push-ups to strenghen the mind - wrists and fore-arms - Dan grades would do 200 each training session. The push-ups would be both with fingers pointing inwards and outwards, pulling the wrists in together - also same push-ups with the hands behind the back - still on the backs of the wrists. Whilst in the position below another dan grade would sit on your back .
The people who can't do these push-ups will claim `they are bad for you`.My father will tell you that in 55 years of Aikido he has never known one person to have any problems after doing these exercises. Demonstrated by Chuck Grifiths.

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This is a much abused term used by many who have no concept of its true meaning in relation to Aikido.Sadly, Aikido has changed in so many ways.Many teachers and students have no value or respect for Tradition - history or lineage,the simple reason is, these people have no sound lineage,my father has said that it was unheard of for people to grade themselves, now many are awarding themselves unrealistic grades and titles that have no value outside their own dojo or organisation,they then award grades to others who will go on to spawn much more of the same nonsense.

Gozo Shihoda said; "People try to reach the highest levels without even paying their dues. That’s why it seems so much like a dance these days".

I never suggest to anyone they should try mma,to fight in the cage is as tough as it gets, mma/cage has to be a personal decision.Only you know if you are tough enough to enter the cage.

If you practice a choreographed dancing Aikido as many do,take a close look at what you are actually doing to the name of Aikido.There is a need to learn to adapt technique so it is both enjoyable in general practice, and just as importantly condensed to be effective in a hostile situation.
The plastic samurai can't hide forever behind those pseudo religious excuses which stand for nothing in the street.
A technique applied in the street resembles nothing seen in dojo practice,your assailant does not harmonise with you,he does not know how to break-fall,so any applied technique, if it works?? will put your opponent down in a heap, not pretty, but can be effective only if you learn to adapt.

Levelled with Love
I know of a 6th dan Aikido who was levelled by a sixteen year old kid in the street.How did sensei explain all those years of training to his family who would expect to be protected ?. Perhaps Sensei told the young lad that Aikido was love ? now,that is guaranteed to get you filled in.

I recently saw where a UK Ki teacher was pleased and proud to accept a promotion to 7th dan by his own students,he then audaciously claims to be one of the most respected and highest grades in the world.-- Of course he is!!--.
We also know that Shihan Daffy Duck is alive and well.
Rik Ellis

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