Sunday, 18 December 2011

Aikido in MMA Transference Techniques

Rik hammer Ellis - Aikido MMA
It is my intention in early 2012 to make a video in the cage of the Aikido techniques that I consider transferable to MMA.I want to show how Aikido can be adapted for MMA and the street when needed.
I will not be floating around the universe or wearing a Hakama. I certainly will not be waving those coloured Aiki ribbons around.~ I really would like to do some of those fancy `no touch` throws, my problem is, I don't have any students that are gullible enough to fly around the dojo at the wave of a finger...
This year I am determined to visit as many dojos as possible to see how these magic techniques work, should be fun...

Whilst I am now predominently MMA - I am still very respectful of my fathers Traditional Aikido. I have no respect for the clowns that bring Aikido in to disrepute with their comedy Aikido.
Rik hammer Ellis

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

" FIGHTERS ONLY MAGAZINE " Steven Seagal ~ Rik Ellis.

" FIGHTERS ONLY MAGAZINE " Steven Seagal ~ Rik Ellis.

Article written by Steve Tallantyre.

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" Fighters Only Mag "

Steven Seagal Article plus Rik Ellis contribution...The worlds leading international fighters magazine discusses Seagals involvement in MMA...... Rik Ellis offers his view of the application and transference of Aikido techniques / movement to MMA...

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