Sunday, 18 December 2011

Aikido in MMA Transference Techniques

Rik hammer Ellis - Aikido MMA
It is my intention in early 2012 to make a video in the cage of the Aikido techniques that I consider transferable to MMA.I want to show how Aikido can be adapted for MMA and the street when needed.
I will not be floating around the universe or wearing a Hakama. I certainly will not be waving those coloured Aiki ribbons around.~ I really would like to do some of those fancy `no touch` throws, my problem is, I don't have any students that are gullible enough to fly around the dojo at the wave of a finger...
This year I am determined to visit as many dojos as possible to see how these magic techniques work, should be fun...

Whilst I am now predominently MMA - I am still very respectful of my fathers Traditional Aikido. I have no respect for the clowns that bring Aikido in to disrepute with their comedy Aikido.
Rik hammer Ellis

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  1. Fantastic idea. Jason DeLucia did it once.
    I´m your fan from Brazil. Your blog is amazing.
    Lucas Mattosinho 3o dan-aikido, blue belt in BJJ.

  2. Hi Lucas
    Thank you for your comments.
    Keep an eye on my blog as there is a lot of good things happening this year including a shot at the UK1 MMA title in June.
    Best regards

    Rik Ellis

  3. I think that If you practice a choreographed dancing Aikido as many do,take a close look at what you are actually doing to the name of Aikido.There is a need to learn to adapt technique so it is both enjoyable in general practice, and just as importantly condensed to be effective in a hostile situation.
    UFC streaming

  4. I am sure that Aikido can be adapted to the street when needed. I trained in Aikido since 1992 looking for the more combatives sides. As Police, I used Aikido in differents situations and after as Policial Instructor I can teaching to the others Police how applied the techniques and principles with effectiveness in real situations (guy violents, arrest, suicides, riot control, etc.).
    I think that in the Aikido training the attacks (specially punches and kicks) should be more real, the movements should be more shorts and direct, more use of Atemi, etc. The choreographed dancing is very bad to Aikido. It is very good to see this blog and to know that Aikido is represented in MMA.

    My respects and sincere greetings, from Uruguay (South America)

    Carlos Silva Sensei
    Dojocho, Aikido Shojin Dojo
    Shuseikan Aikido Federation
    Police Instructor of Aikido


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